Industrial Medicine and Work Related Injury

Industrial medicine is known as occupational medicine and is concerning the maintaining of health by preventing injury that happens to employees while they are on the job, or any illness from exposure when in the job environment.

Workers' Compensation
Workers' compensation is the insurance, paid by the employer, for providing wage payments and for paying the injured employee's medical expenses incurred from the accident that occurred while on the job.

Treatment of work related injuries
Hillcrest Medical Clinic is a fully equipped clinic with X-ray facility, physical therapy department and surgery facility on premises for attending to the work related injuries promptly and without delays.

Our trained and bilingual staff along with medical team and specialists are ready to provide the best available care to the injured workers, while our workers compensation department handles all the necessary paper works and communications with the insurance carrier and employer, facilitating the process and minimizing the time loss and costs associated with it.

Our clinic has also been accepted in the provider network of most insurance companies allowing the faster referral of the injured worker and therefore expediting the process.

At HILLCREST MEDICAL CLINIC, we are ready to serve your medical needs.

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